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Summary: Missing scene. Haven challenge. “Head on over to the other side of the playground” Basically you had to write something or someone you have never tried before. I’ve never played on the slashy slide before…wheeee! (220 words)

Author: Folieadeux
Rating: Blah. I don’t know.
Category: Sk POV, UST, Sk/M
Spoilers: SR819
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Disclaimer: Must I? Not mine – all 1013 / Fox. *sob*

Originally posted: July 2003


by Folieadeux

He’s staring at me. I’m grateful for the darkness. I shield myself from him these days. Forever placing objects between us: file folders, desks, distracted demeanor, Scully. He’s clueless to my metaphoric lines in the sand. Borders created to remind myself to stay on this side. This side of the desk, this side of the chain of command. And now, this side of a darkened office.

I feel like shit. Trying to maneuver myself into a more comfortable position I struggle to keep my face pain free.

“Sir, are you sure you don’t need something?” Mulder smoothly exits his perch and approaches me.

“Agent Mulder, I’ve made my position clear regarding this matter.”

Mulder crouches down, his blank expression replaced by mild amusement. “I didn’t ask your position on the death penalty, only if you want an aspirin.”

I frown, the only response I will allow myself.

“Careful, sir. Your face will stick that way.”

“I’m pro. However, I believe the current system seriously flawed.” *Please go away.*

He regards me quietly. All eyes, pupils dilated from the low light. He’s too close. He crossed my border and I feel mild panic. He abruptly turns his attention to the door. Scully’s heels announce her typically swift approach.

Removing himself from my proximity, he returns to his perch on the desk.

The End