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Summary: Monster POV for Folie A Deux

Author: Folieadeux
Rating: Bizarre
Category: Come on, it’s 310 words, take a chance!
Distribution: Anywhere, as long as these headers stay intact. Please let me know, I like to keep track.
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Spoilers: Folie A Deux

Authors Note: This is in response to The Haven’s ‘monster POV in 310 words challenge’. One of the monsters I could choose from was from the ep Folie A Deux – so of course I did.
Disclaimer: All characters from The X-Files belong to someone else. No money will be made from this little endeavor (Like I could get paid for this even if I tried).


I glance at the clock above the television – Eleven pm. I’ve been channel surfing for two hours. This is crazy. Switching off the TV I make my way to the fridge – again. I stare stupidly at its meager contents, not seeing any of it.

I want to devour him. I should be ashamed of myself – but I’m not.

A monster wants what it wants, right? Since when have I needed justification for what I want? Never. Of course, when was the last time someone risked their life to save mine? Never, that’s when.

Finding myself back on the couch I lie back and close my eyes.

It’s before me instantly, waiting for my attention. A wonderful worry stone in my head.

He saw me. I was stunned. I watched his pupils dilate and the blood flush his skin. Then something else. Something that’s left me in a daze ever since.


It was there. I saw it. For an instant before the shock of the situation and the encroaching chaos forced it away.


His face flushed with it and I was dumbfounded. It doesn’t even matter that he wants me caught. That his attention turned to disgust at what I am. I don’t care. He’s fascinated by me. Still.

He’s risking everything. He’s shadowing me in a way I’m familiar with. He’s trying to convince everyone that a monster is in their midst and he looks like a fool. He doesn’t care. My nine to five reality is transformed by it. It’s thrilling.

His existence is too extraordinary to extinguish. His unflinching defiance a wonder to behold. But I don’t care. I’m drawn to him, I circle him and wonder what it would be like. I taunt him and humiliate him and I don’t care. I don’t have to care.

That’s why they call me a monster.