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Summary: Written for Haven’s 310 words of UST challenge.

Author: Folieadeux
Rating: Um, R for language, maybe. Teen
Category: UST, Vignette, M POV
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Spoilers: Red and the Black
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He desperately needed out of this fucking building. His long strides carried him swiftly towards the front doors, out through the sunlit panels, onto the well manicured front lawn of the clinic. He quickly pulled oxygen into his lungs and tried to expel it without hurling a filthy river of obscenities at unsuspecting passers-by. His fingers clawed into the flesh of his hips in an attempt to keep himself from flailing his arms in some grown up version of a temper tantrum.

What have I done? How could I have been so stupid? She could have been killed. She nearly was.

He walked quickly towards some unknown destination unaware of the looks he was receiving from startled pedestrians. He tried not to notice the dull pain in his hand from her iron grip.

Her face was too exposed, too full of fear. That’s not what Scully looks like, that isn’t her face. And her voice, her voice is steady and calm, not shrill and panicked. She must have felt that thing in her neck all week and she never said anything. Why didn’t she say anything? Because I wouldn’t believe it, that’s why. Because I was too busy feeling sorry for myself, embarrassed at what a fool I’ve become, to notice there was something wrong with her.

Coming to a stop mid stride he doubled over to rest his hands on his knees. He half wondered if he was going to throw up, or maybe just pass out from hyperventilation. He closed his eyes and tried
to avoid seeing that bridge in his minds eye. Tried not to remember the smell of those poor people, the horrible yelling, and that copper hair. He’d felt certain she would be on that bridge, alone, without him.

Did you reach for me then, Scully? Were you looking for help and I wasn’t there?


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